An open, disruptive and dynamic model,
a human-centred philosophy
and collective intelligence.

Who are we?

QILIN Company is a worldwide real estate operator acting as a property company, developer and promoter.

Based on strong purchasing capacity and sourcing for 250 investment projects received and screened each month, the group coordinates efficient processing tools and direct pre-marketing and marketing capacity:

In the framework of short term (ST) or long term (LT) operations, with strategies and internal rates of return dedicated to both models:

  • Solely or in partnership
  • With historic end investors

An open, disruptive and dynamic model, a human-centred philosophy and collective intelligence.

Today with QILIN Company, François GAUCHER opens a new page in the incipient real estate revolution, bringing together high-performance entities in the main real estate businesses: Sourcing. Design. Works. Marketing. Management.




The ST investment vehicle specialises in the acquisition of high added value assets.

Its acquisition model involves:

  • Acquiring unclaimed assets to be repositioned;
  • Developing high levels of rental or transactional pre-marketing.

It is based on the following 3 factors aimed at mitigating transactional risks:

  1. Obtaining cleared building permits
  2. Leasing the end product
  3. Pre-sale of the futures product

All transactions will at least have this contractual status which will always aim to include these 3 factors.

More generally, minimising financial risk by paying the acquisition price when the valuation of the assets is secure.


Property holdings by type of asset, which will be used for high-value long-term transactions:

  • Premium Tenants
  • Lease term: more than 6 years
  • Optimising the net return on transactions

Such returns are obtained through acquisitions in so-called special contexts: pledged asset conversions and contractual re-leasing prior to acquisition.

All acquisitions made after the current crisis will be adapted to the needs for change in society. We will also take the proven consistency of the investment in the post-Covid19 context into account.



Secured assets

  • Alternative real estate market: real estate assets outside the traditional commercial segments
  • Demand from institutional investors for low-risk investments with stable returns

Added value

  • Turnkey projects
  • Highly sustainable class A assets
  • High added value
  • Internal operating procedure to reduce the predominant transaction risk prior to acquisition


  • Prime strategic locations for asset conversion
  • In-house tools and teams to select/value class A assets
  • Buy & hold strategy with an average holding period of 3 to 15 years
  • A resilient strategy towards assets that provide investors with a successful return




After 30 years of experience as a company manager specialising in the real estate sector, François Gaucher established QILIN Company, an instrument for managing change, drawing on the know-how of experienced experts and strong partnerships.

The establishment and objectives of QILIN Company are based on two essential approaches:

  1. Developing innovative projects to respond to changing lifestyles by integrating them as a core value and putting people back into the focus of our thinking.
  2. Projects today, much more than in the past, will be the result of teamwork and collaboration where creativity and ingenuity will be as important as courage. Cohesion and collective intelligence will take precedence over individual brilliance.

“In this last part of my professional life, which is now opening up through QILIN Company, I have irrevocably chosen a collective identity that ensures competence, enthusiasm and experience in each topic related to investment or real estate project implementation.

Collective intelligence will finally take control over economic factors by putting people and human relations at the core of the system.

Indeed, the crisis that is rumbling on constantly all over the world, incurring so many risks involving state debts with repercussions on each citizen of each country, along with a return to human values to renew the world we live in response to pressure from climate change and society, absolutely needs a group of men and women capable of interacting together”.